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Barleyfields Equestrian Centre Riding School Derby/Derbyshire/Livery Stables Photo
Barleyfields Equestrian Centre Riding School Derby/Derbyshire/Livery Stables Photo


BD listed dressage judge
BHSI Stage 5 Performance Coach in Complete Horsemanship
@ Barleyfields Equestrian Centre, Ash Lane, Etwall, Derby
DE65 6HT
Are you interested in improving your performance & dressage test results? If so, come and join in!
Clinic Format – each session is 40 mins one-to-one coaching from Tessa.  It will be held in the indoor arena with dressage boards & letters set-up
Choose a test you want to ride from selection below & either;

  • ride the test & then receive feedback & coaching
  • receive coaching & then ride the test & receive feedback

Please contact Jane Wisher to book a time slot on 07968 767236 or call in to book at the office – choose your test at time of booking from the following;
Intro A, Prelim 14, Novice 27, Elem 42
Monday 8th October 18 starting at 5.00pm for individual 40 min sessions – payment required on booking - Prices:
Own horse £40
School horse £50
Livery at Barleyfields £35 (own horse)


Do you want to learn to ride? Are you a beginner or novice rider?


½ hour children’s beginner lessons @ £17, 12yo and under half hour private @ £32,  13 yo + half hour private at £35, an hour at £48

Starting on Thursday evenings at 6 30pm ( indoor school-so no problem whatever the weather!!) If you are free and fancy a go-phone 01283 734798 or go to FB site and email me-suitable from 12 years upwards to any age!!!

Do come and join us👍🐴😀 Ash Lane, Etwall,Derby
DE65 6HT


40 minute private sessions. Steph is an International Dressage rider with her horse Mr President. She has a huge amount of enthusiasm and is happy to pass on her knowledge to anyone who has a passion for Dressage. From Prelim to Grand Prix, whatever your goal, Steph will give you the motivation to go and achieve it! Please contact us for dates and further information.


CONGRATULATIONS Posted: March 2015

Congratulations and Well Done to Emily Craddock, one of young ladies who rides with us every week, who entered her Art work into the ‘Free Spirit’ National Art Competition and was placed a very creditable 2nd.

She went to the National Arboritum where her work will ultimately finish on display alongside the Free Spirit Sculpture. To actually receive her award she will be going to the Grand National at Aintree to be presented with her prize

We consider this to be an amazing result in a national artwork competition!  Very, very well done Emily!!!


Painting Comp 2014/15 Posted: Jan 2015
Barleyfields Riding School
The winner is a painting by ZOE LANE- Congratulations!


Tuesday to Friday : 8am to 10pm
Saturday : 8am to 5pm
Closed : Sundays and Mondays

FUN DAY Posted: August

Held at Barleyfields on Friday 1 August for children 7 years and under.

All the children took part in handy pony, gymkhana games, treasure hunt and "jumping" (actualy poles on the ground!!)

They all had a brilliant day followed by a "horsey" themed tea afterwards, in horsey bags with horsey serviettes and even the cup cakes had little horses on top

We hope to repeat this again in the not too distant future as it was so popular.

Thank you for BSPS Area 4A for sponsoring the rosettes and "going home" presents and thank you to Mrs.Collier for her donation towards the tea and a big thank you for all the pople who helped to organise the day, without whom it would not have been possible.



EMMA TILFORTH AND LEAH PALMER, both of whom have passed there BHS PTT exams with distinction.

and to

SOPHIE HEMMINGS who gained “distinction” in both the Riding and Care Sections of the BHS Stage I Exam.


We, here at Barleyfields Equestrian Centre, loved the concept and sound of "Team Quest" competitions from the moment we read about it.

We decided to run one to "see how it goes" but we never expected such a huge entry - we decided to run it after a Riding Club Dressage morning - but then really struggled to fit it in in the afternoon!! I had only booked one judge, but thankfully, Tessa Ryley, was able to judge the 53 entries with several breaks (thank you Tessa for your inner-found strength!).

We entered two teams from Barleyfields and then we ordered our "team colours". I hoped we wouldn't be the only ones wearing them, greatly to my surprise, every team was in colours - coloured tops, coloured numnahs, coloured stocks, and some teams had coloured and embroidered waistcoats - all teams were very well attired and it was absolutely fabulous.

The team spirit on the day was amazing, with a husband and wife in different teams and having lots of "friendly" rivalry between them. Our Best of Barleyfields team was made up of school horses, three of whom work every day in the Riding School and the fourth we bred out of a riding school mare. So this really is a competition for every type of horse and rider.

Well done to all the teams that took part for both their fabulous turn-out and the effort put into the tests. We thoroughly enjoyed running the competition and look forward to running another one in due course.

Teams - Best of Barleyfields, won the day with the highest team score of the day and the Barleyfields Buddies finished a creditable fifth.

Well done to our team members, who were:

Barleyfields TeamQuest

Danni Cuomo on Diamond Smuggler (winner of the team and individual Novice winner). Steph Hyde on Mr. Darcy (winner of team and individual Prelim test - on photo on left) Liz Johnson on William (winner of team - on photo on right) Chloe Anthony on Chessie (winner of team - on photo in centre)

Ron Rerrie on Simon X - pictured on foot Gemma Holland on Chessie - pictured on foot Sophie Hemmings on William - pictured on foot with team mascot "Herbie") Keeley Jordan on Pagan


A TRIBUTE TO SMARTIE : 1986 TO 2013 Posted: Tues 19 Nov
It is with the greatest of sadness that I write this tribute to Smartie, who sadly finished his life on Friday 15 November 2013. In his very early days he was jumping pony – coming to us at 11 years old and retiring from jumping. He has served us exceptionally well for 16 years


The number of children who have ridden Smartie must be in the thousands. He loved being on the lead rein but always took the greatest of care of all those children "just off the lead rein", who needed a kind and helpful pony like Smartie.

He did lessons, shows and all of the 3-day courses here at Barleyfields over the years and will be very sadly missed by very many children and all the staff and adults alike.

I hope there is lots of grass and sunshine in "horsey Heaven" for you Smartie xxxxx


ONLINE ENTRIES Posted: Mon 14 Nov
Online Entries that fail to pay the correct First Aid Fee may not be allowed into the Class Lists - please make sure the Fee of £3 per Rider is paid correctly in the First Aid section during online entries. Thank you


Why not buy a Riding Lesson or Hack as a Birthday Gift! You can purchase vouchers in multiples of £5 or £10. The perfect gift for a horsey friend!

Click here to buy a Gift Voucher (opens a new window)


JOIN US ON FACEBOOK! Posted: Wed 12 Oct
Barleyfields Equestrian Centre Riding School Derby/Derbyshire/Livery Stables Photo


NEW INDOOR SURFACE! Posted: Thurs 3 Nov
Barleyfields Equestrian Centre Riding School Derby/Derbyshire

The new waxed surface is now finished.

The school is so light and clean and surface feels lovely and springy under foot EI hope the horses will like it and we look forward to it giving the riders in competitions a lighter and better feel than the previous surface.

Barleyfields Equestrian Centre would like to thank “HoofE(British Equestrian Federation) for their contribution towards the cost, Deville Arenas for making a fantastic and speedy job and Martin Collins for supplying their lovely Activtrak.

Photos (left): The new surface being laid


We are always striving to make your life easier and your visit to Barleyfields more enjoyable. As promised we have now made online entries available for all our competitionsE

If you have any questions or problems please do not hesitate to contact Equine Affairs on 0871 2303649 who will be happy to help or answer any questions.


POSTAL SCHEDULE Posted: Wed 26 Oct
If you would like a Full Schedule by post then you need to send a stamped/ addressed envelope with a large letter stamp. The envelopes need to be minimum size of A.5 (i.e. paper folded in half) or A.4 flat (i.e. paper not folded). Any queries please call us.


Barleyfields Equestrian Centre Riding School Derby/Derbyshire/Livery Stables Photo Canter back to the top!

Barleyfields Equestrian Centre Riding School Derby/Derbyshire/Livery Stables Photo British Horse Society British Dressage Website BEF

Barleyfields Equestrian Centre Riding School Derby/Derbyshire/Livery Stables Photo

Barleyfields Equestrian Centre Riding School Derby/Derbyshire/Livery Stables Photo

Barleyfields Equestrian Centre Riding School Derby/Derbyshire/Livery Stables Photo

Barleyfields Equestrian Centre Riding School Derby/Derbyshire/Livery Stables Photo

Barleyfields Equestrian Centre Riding School Derby/Derbyshire/Livery Stables Photo

Barleyfields Equestrian Centre Riding School Derby/Derbyshire/Livery Stables Photo

Barleyfields Equestrian Centre Riding School Derby/Derbyshire/Livery Stables Photo

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